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Recreation Conflict

Applied Research Clearinghouse


This applied research clearinghouse is designed to serve the needs of recreation managers and researchers working on issues related to recreation conflict in Wisconsin. This clearinghouse has been developed as part of the 2005-2010 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Planning process. 

Recreation Conflict (DRAFT September 2005)

Wisconsin is undergoing fairly dramatic changes in the pattern of recreational use and the supply of recreational amenities. Rural and semi-rural landscapes are being fragmented by private residential and commercial development, affecting the extent and quality of lands accessible for public recreation. At the same time, technological change in the last twenty years have seen a dramatic increase in participation in recreational activities such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and jet-skis. On the other hand, an increasingly urban population has shifted the recreational preferences of the population away from such traditional activities as hunting or fishing towards such activities as biking or wildlife viewing. With this changing pattern of recreational activity come increased levels of crowding, displacement and conflict.

This applied research clearinghouse is designed for researchers and managers interested in minimizing conflict amongst recreational users. The focus of the clearinghouse is on how researchers have tackled the issue of compatibilities amongst different recreational uses. Specifically, when are recreational activities complementary or supplementary, and when do recreational activities become competitive or antagonistic.

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Recreation Conflict Overview

Theory of Recreation Conflict
      Goal Interference
      Values Conflict

Coping with Recreation Conflict
      Stress Theory 

Understanding Conflict
      Affect and Emotions
      Between Recreation User Groups

Managing Recreation Conflict
      Carrying Capacity
            Norm Measurement

       Economic Valuation and Recreation Conflict



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