Energy Analysis and Policy

The department, via the resources and environmental planning concentration, has joined with other departments and colleges in a curriculum titled "Energy Analysis and Policy"; a program administered by the Institute of Environmental Studies. Although the degree can be taken in Urban and Regional Planning, the curriculum is tailored to educate students for energy-related professional work with governments, utilities, consulting firms, and other organizations. A certificate is issued to those students who complete the Energy Analysis and Policy curriculum.


Students interested in this option should have at least one college level course in biology or chemistry, calculus, computer programming (a short course is sufficient), economics, physics, and politics and government or American history. A core of 19 credits of basic planning courses is normally required in the Professional Master's program. Three "core" planning courses are specifically required:

  • URPL 741 - Introduction to Planning
  • URPL 781 - Planning Thought and Practice
  • URPL 912 - Planning Workshop


Six credits in energy modelling and analytical methods will be substituted for Urb R Pl 721. The department's internship will meet the three credit thesis or internship required in the "Energy Analysis and Policy" curriculum.


Details on this program may be obtained by writing to the department or the Institute for Environmental Studies, 64 Science Hall.


Transportation Management and Policy Program

The Transportation Management and Policy Program (TMP) combines studies of environmentally sensitive transportation planning and development with studies of the economic, political, and social dimensions of transportation development.


Graduate students who complete the program receive a certificate in TMP to supplement their graduate degree. The Transportation Management and Policy Program offers a broad perspective on the environmental, economic, political, and societal impacts of the demand for, and development and management of, transportation infrastructure.