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This section highlights the research conducted by URPL faculty as an aggregate.  With 9 full time faculty and academic staff at various points in their careers and often in collaboration with graduate students, the department has produced over 217 publications between 2000 and 2010.  According to the bar graph below, faculty set forth at least 30 publications in 2009, which is the highest number in the past 10 years.

Furthermore, of the 217 publications 37 percent were peer-reviewed journal articles. Planning journals in which faculty published included the Journal of the American Planning Association, the Journal of Planning Literature, the Journal of Planning Education and Research, Landscape and Urban Planning, and Zoning Practice.  The multi-disciplinary nature of planning dictates publication in a variety of related journals including Regional Studies, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Land Economics, the Annals of Tourism Research, the Journal of Parks and Recreation Administration, Tourism Economics, and the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation to name just a few. Faculty produced several notable books published by top-tier academic press (e.g E. Elgar, Blackwell, Ashgate, and Routledge ... oh, and of course, the University of Wisconsin - Press). Many technical reports over the past 10 years have been compiled that address central elements that link theory to planning practice, Thirty-one reports were published by UW-Extension, an outreach arm of the University of Wisconsin and 8 reports were submitted to and published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.  The pie chart below shows the percent of publications by type:

For more information about specific research conducted by URPL faculty and academic staff, please visit the “People” page.