Kurt Paulsen

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Selected Publications

Academic Publications: 

Paulsen, K. (2014).  Geography, Policy, or Market?  New Wvidence on the Measurement and Causes of Sprawl (and Infill) in U.S. Metropolitan Regions. Urban Studies. 51(12), 2629-2645. View Publication. Data Appendix.

Paulsen, K. (2014).  The Effects of Land Development on Municipal Finance.  Journal of Planning Literature. 29(1), 20-40. View Publication.

Paulsen, K. 2013. The Effects of Growth Management on the Spatial Extent of Urban Development, Revisited.  Land Economics, 89(2):193-210. View publication 

Paulsen, K. (2012). The Evolution of Suburban Relative Housing-Unit Diversity.  Housing Policy Debate 22(3): 407-433. View publication

Paulsen, K. (2012). Yet Even More Evidence on the Spatial Size of Cities: Urban Spatial Expansion in the US, 1980-2000. Regional Science and Urban Economics. 42(4):561-568. View publication

Dyckman, C. and Paulsen, K (2012). Not in My Watershed! Will Increased Federal Supervision Really Bring Better Coordination Between Land Use and Water Planning? Journal of Planning Education and Research. 32:91-106.  View publication

Mandarano, L. and Paulsen, K. (2011). Governance Capacity in Collaborative Watershed Partnerships: Evidence from the Philadelphia Region. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 54:10, 1293-1313. View publication

Schmidt, S. and Paulsen, K. (2009). Is Open-Space Preservation a Form of Exclusionary Zoning? The Evolution of Municipal Open-Space Policies in New Jersey. Urban Affairs Review, 45:1, pp.92-118.  View publication

Jacobs, H.M. and Paulsen, K. (2009). Property Rights: The Neglected Theme of 20th-Century American Planning. Journal of the American Planning Association, 75:2, pp. 134-143. View publication

Mandarano, L., Featherstone, J. and Paulsen, K. (2008). Institutions for Interstate Water Resources Management. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 44:1, pp. 136-147.  View publication

Paulsen, K., Featherstone, J. and Greene, S. (2007). Conservation Induced Wastewater Flow Reductions Improve Nitrogen Removal Efficiency: Evidence from New York City. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 43:6, pp. 1570-1582.  View publication

Paulsen, K. (2006). Sprawl, Residential Density, and Exclusionary Zoning. Probate and Property (ABA Real Property Section), 20:3 (May/June 2006), pp. 22-27.  View publication

Krueckeberg, D. and Paulsen, K. (2002). Evaluating the Experience of Brazilian, South African and Indian Urban Tenure Programmes. Chapter 16 in Holding Their Ground: Secure Land Tenure for the Urban Poor, Durand-Lasserve, A. and Royston, L. eds. London: Earthscan Publication Ltd. pp. 233-244.  View publication

Working Papers:

Paulsen, K. 2009. The Effects of Land Development on Municipal Finance: A Conceptual Overview.  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. 42 pp.  Link 

Paulsen, K. 2007. The Effects of Land Development on Municipal Fiscal Positions: Evidence from 4 Rapidly Growing Pennsylvania Counties.  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. View publication 

Krueckeberg, D. and Paulsen, K. 2000.    Urban Land Tenure Policies in Brazil, South Africa and India: An Assessment of the Issues.”  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Research Report. 33 pp. Link 

Research for Public Agencies: 

Paulsen, K. 2012.  Evaluation of CARPC’s Policies on Housing Prices in Dane County. [Commissioned and approved by Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, Madison, WI.]  Link 

Paulsen, K. 2011. Evaluation of CARPC’s Land Demand Forecasting Methodology to Determine Urban Service Area Boundaries.  [Commissioned and approved by Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, Madison, WI.]  Link 

Paulsen, K. and Wilson, E. 2008. Plan Regionally, Implement Locally: An Evaluation of Multi-Municipal Planning and Implementation in Pennsylvania.  [Commissioned, approved and distributed by 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania.  Funded in part and submitted to Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.] Link