Kurt Paulsen

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463 Evolution of American Planning  
The nature and cultural significance of contemporary methods for the systematic formulation of public policies for community, metropolitan, and state development through comprehensive planning. Historic roots, recent trends, and new directions in American planning concepts, institutions, planning effectiveness, professional specialization, including emerging environmental issues.

844 Housing and Public Policy
An overview of the major federal, state, and local policies affecting housing, including discussions of public, private, and non-profit housing delivery sectors. Includes discussions of residential land development trends, affordable housing production, housing demographics, mortgage markets, housing finance, and fair housing. Course also includes content on housing planning and housing elements in local government comprehensive plans, housing needs assessments, integration of housing and transportation accessibility, and a discussion of exclusionary zoning and restrictive land use controls. Course will include field trips to affordable housing developments and guest speakers from housing agencies.

969 Comprehensive Planning
A comprehensive overview of  the process, methods and techniques involved in preparation of local government plans for the physical and social development of cities and regions. Emphasis is on the tools, techniques, and methods involved in preparing land use plans, including land suitability analysis and public participation.  Includes discussion of economic development, transportation, infrastructure and housing plans, plan implementation, and intergovernmental coordination, as well as plans for protection of open-space, environmental, agricultural and historic resources.

912 Planning Workshop  
Study of selected problems in planning to emphasize the interdisciplinary character of planning practice and to give opportunity to apply socioeconomic analysis, physical planning, and implementation techniques.