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Lake States Examples:

Strang, W. A. and M. Puri. 1996. Economic Impact of the Kohl Center on Dane County Economy. Madison, WI: Bureau of Business Research, School of Business, University of Wisconsin.

According to this study, the Kohl Center will have a significant impact on the economy of Dane County. This study used a multiplier method to estimate total new income and jobs in the economy. The economic multipliers that were used are from earlier UW impact studies. During the construction phase of the Kohl Center, the study estimated a total economic impact of $147 million and a total of 700 jobs supported over the two year period. Once fully operational, the Kohl Center was estimated to generate $56.6 million in annual economic activity and to support about 750 jobs each year.

Lewis, A. and S. C. Deller. 1994. Economic Impact of the Chicago Bears' Training Camp on the Platteville Region: A Preliminary Analysis. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Extension.

There are four football training camps in Wisconsin and it was not well understood what impacts these camps had on local economies. This report is an analysis of the impact of the Chicago Bears' training camp in Platteville, WI. A small sample of fans were surveyed. The survey gave enough information to develop a fan profile, to understand fan origin, where they stayed and what they were doing in the area. The economic impact part of the study took into account the expenditure of the fans in addition to expenditures from the Bears' organization. The combined economic impact was estimated at $2.426 million in income and close to 171 jobs.

Other Examples:

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