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Lake States Examples:

Schneider, I. E. and R. J. Salk. 2004. Leek Lake Area Summer Visitor Profile: A Focus on Interest in Culture and Nature Based Experiences. St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota Tourism Center. Web Link.

This paper builds a profile of visitors to the Leech Lake area of Minnesota and their specific interests in culture and nature-based experiences. Among other objectives, the study quantifies with a one-page on-site questionnaire the total expenditures of visitors to the Leech Lake area.

Stynes, D., G. A. Vander Stoep and Y.-Y. Sun. 2004. Economic Impacts of Michigan Museums. East Lansing, MI: Department of Park, Recreation & Tourism Resources, Michigan State University. Web Link.

This study estimates the economic impact of Michigan museum visitors on Michigan communities, the statewide economic significance of museums including both visitor impacts and museum expenditures, the portion of the impact attributable to museums and the percentage related to tourism in general, and estimate the total spending by museum visitors both inside the museum and in the local community. Two surveys, a census of museum administrators and a visitor survey, were used to collect expenditure data that was analyzed using the Michigan Tourism Economic Impact Model (MITEIM). The study finds that almost 60% of the economic impact of visitors to Michigan communities would be lost without the museums, and the total economic impact (direct and indirect) on Michigan's economy of having the museums is found to be 15,000 jobs and $331 million in wages and salaries.

Other Examples:

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