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Tourism and Community Development

Resources and Applied Research Clearinghouse


Applied Research Clearinghouse

This applied research clearinghouse is designed to serve the needs of community development professionals and applied researchers working on tourism-related issues throughout the Lake States region. At this time, the clearinghouse of annotated resources has a focus on economic impact analysis and recreation conflict. Other modules will be developed at a later date.

Follow the link for the Recreation Conflict clearinghouse, an affiliated project which is sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Economic Impact Analysis in Tourism

The core issues involved in economic impact analysis are the manner in which income is created and how this income flows through the local economy. It is hoped that this clearinghouse assists communities to better understand the impact of tourism on the local and regional economy. We have relied almost exclusively on tourism research, but in some cases good Lake States examples exist in other fields. With that in mind, the organization of the applied economic impact analysis literature is designed for two different types of users:

1) The practitioner wanting to learn more about the methodology of tourism economic impact analysis

2) The practitioner wanting to see examples of how economic impact analysis has been applied to different components of the tourism industry in the Lake States

We have not applied a strict definition of economic impact analysis and this clearinghouse includes much research that falls outside of many definitions of economic impact analysis. Community development practitioners are less concerned with definitions and more interested in answering questions. We conducted a thorough review of the economic impact analysis literature, but reviewed other subjects less comprehensively. This clearinghouse is designed to assist the practitioner in finding the right methodology or find examples of how their question has been tackled by other researchers. Not all studies are included in each inventory. 

The clearinghouse is an update of the Regional Economic Impact Assessments: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Wisconsin Studies completed by the Center for Community Economic Development.

Methodology-Based Inventory
Activity-Based Inventory
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Methodology-Based Clearinghouse

Tourism Economic Impact Analysis
     Input-Output Analysis
     Social Accounting Matrix
     Computable General Equilibrium
     Tourism Satellite Accounts
     "Hallmark" Events
     Other Methods
     Specific Issues
          Data Collection
          Income Distribution
          Employment, Seasonality and Distribution
          Factor Analysis
          Taxation and Fiscal Balance
Non-Market Goods Valuation
     Stated Preferences
          Willingness to Pay
          Contingent Valuation
     Revealed Preferences
          Travel Cost Method
          Hedonic Pricing Method
     Cost-Benefit Analysis

Tourism Demand
     Demand Forecasting Accuracy
     Forecasting - Quantitative Methods
          Times-Series Models
          Exponential Smoothing
          Econometric Modeling
          Other Quantitative Methods
     Forecasting - Qualitative Methods
          Delphi Method
     Recreational Demand

Tourism Supply
     Elements of Tourism Production
     Supply Metrics
     Market Structure
     Recreation Supply    
     Spatial Description

Activity-Based Clearinghouse

Bed and Breakfasts
Arts Tourism
Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Destination Tourism
Fairs, Events and Conferences ("Hallmark Events")
Sports Teams and Venues
     ATVs and Snowmobiling
     Canoeing, Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting
     Lodges and Camping
     Parks and Trails
     Recreational Housing
     Sport Fishing
     Winter Recreation
     Wildlife Viewing
Community Wide Impacts



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