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Tourism and Community Development

Resources and Applied Research Clearinghouse


The CNRED Tourism Team

The UWEX Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development (CNRED) Tourism Team serves both internal (educators and applied researchers) and external (tourism professionals) partners as a valuable resource for accessing expertise in various tourism topics.  The team connects partners by providing an opportunity to learn from each others' work and help them avoid “reinventing the wheel” when common tourism requests arise. Furthermore, future staffing needs will continue to build on the available research base linking resources with specialist research efforts.

The team originated in mid-2004; its founding members include:

Dave Berard, UWEX Sawyer County/LCO
Rob Burke, UWEX Door County
Don Field, UW-Madison, Forest Ecology and Management
Sue Hamilton, Wisconsin Department of Tourism
Marty Havlovic, UWEX Dunn County

erry Hembd, UW-Superior, CCED
Gail Huycke, UWEX Price County
Shawn Kaskie, UWEX Marinette County

Mike Kornmann
, UWEX Burnette County
Dave Marcouiller, UW-Madison, Urban and Regional Planning
Jeff Prey, WDNR, Bureau of Parks and Recreation
Bill Ryan, UWEX Center for Community Economic Development
Dave Scheler, Wisconsin Department of Tourism
Beverly Stencel, UWEX Washburn County

Team Objectives:


  • Assessment of current status of Extension and campus-based tourism resources and programming

  • Awareness of how tourism fits within the broader scope of CNRED teams and programs;

  • Development of goals and objectives for CNRED tourism programs which can serve as sideboards for capacity building, data collection, and reporting;

  • Assist in community understanding of the role tourism plays within local economic, social, and environmental structures; and

  • Provide guidance to UWEX in future staffing decisions.


  • Work to enhance campus-based specialist linkages;

  • Development of an overall plan for long-term tourism capacity (applied research and its extension to clientele groups) building within Extension;

  • Establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborations that engage broader tourism partners and stakeholders; and

  • Identification and progress toward filling gaps created by shift in capacity away from Extension and to the Department of Tourism.


  • Stable framework and sanction for objective local Extension tourism programs and initiatives;

  • Increased scholarship and networking in the tourism arena;

  • Stable understanding of educational and applied research roles and relationships related to tourism;

  • Provide research-based tourism educational programs; and

  • Wisconsin citizens enjoy increased economic benefits from tourism while preserving the social, civic and environmental qualities of our communities.



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