ATVs and Snowmobiling
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Lake States Examples:

Loden, C. 1995. 2-Minute Snowmobile Survey Results, Iron County. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Extension, Iron County Development Zone.

This report presents data from a survey of snowmobilers in Iron County. The survey provided information about the average snowmobiler, how much they spent while in the area, where they stayed, and what recommendations they had to enhance snowmobiling. This report found that $306.68 per person was spent in Iron County.

Sumathi, N. R., J. Hembd, T. Huray and C. Siver. 1991. A Study of Northwest Wisconsin Snowmobilers. Superior, WI: Center for Economic Development, University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Because of the lack of information about snowmobiling in Northwest Wisconsin, this study was undertaken to begin to understand the characteristics of snowmobilers and their contribution to the economy of the area. A nominal group process was conducted to identify the issues important to organizations and businesses catering to snowmobilers. A mail survey was prepared and sent to snowmobilers who had visited the area in February, 1990. The survey found that average party expenditures was close to $1,000 and that snowmobilers spent about 3 nights in the area on their trips. The report provides a detailed summary of the survey results.

Foti, P. E., A. Doll, H. Moyer, R. Cooper and L. Freiding. 1987. SCORP: Wisconsin Snowmobile Study. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

This report used a survey to determine characteristics of snowmobiling, snowmobilers, changes in the sport, and demands for future facilities and services. A random sample of registered snowmobilers were surveyed. From questions on expenditures, it was estimated that clothing and equipment expenditures amount to over $70 million with an addition $55 million spent on day and overnight trips.

Moyer, H. and K. Hansen. 1986. Snowmobiling In Wisconsin. Madison, WI: Recreation Resources Center, University of Wisconsin-Extension.

This report provides a user profile of snowmobilers in Wisconsin. The study also looked at the nature of current snowmobile usage, the direct economic impact of this activity and the perceived changes in the activity and an assessment of facilities used. This report found that the Wisconsin economy directly benefited from $43 million in expenditures.

Robertson, M. D. and R. C. Bishop. 1975. Off-Road Recreation Vehicles in the Upper Great Lakes States: User Characteristics and Economic Impacts. Madison, WI: Center for Resource Policy Studies and Programs, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This study had three objectives: to estimate the number of off-road recreational vehicles and provide an economic profile of users; to assess the economic impacts of off-road recreational vehicles; and to investigate current vehicle use patterns, adequacy of facilities, and user preferences. A telephone survey was conducted of over 500 people in households. The survey found that almost 20 percent of all households in the three-state region owned at least one off-road vehicle. Expenditures by users amounted to about $700 million in 1973. In terms of business activity in the area, it was estimated that between $1.2 million and $2.0 million was derived from recreational trip expenditure. Regional impacts were estimated to total between $184 million to $276 million. These numbers were generated from vehicle use trips and snowmobile exports.

Other Examples:

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