Dave Marcouiller

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Chapters in Edited Volumes - selected

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Marcouiller, D.W. and D. Tremble.  2009.  Mitigating environmental problems in exurban development: An overview of rural-specific planning devices.  In Esparza, A. and G. McPherson (eds.), The Planner’s Guide to Natural Resource Conservation: The Science of Land Conversion Beyond the Metropolitan Fringe (pp. 235-253).  New York: Springer Publishing.

Marcouiller, D.W.  2005.  Economic values at the fringe: Land use and forestry in the wildland-urban interface.  Chapter 4 (pp. 45-62) in Forests at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Conservation and Management edited by Vince, S., M. Duryea, E. Macie, and L.A. Hermansen, New York, NY: CRC Press.

Leatherman, J.C. and D.W. Marcouiller.  2004.  Regional economic modeling and the study of distributional issues.  Chapter 7 (pp. 144-172) in Critical Evaluations of Economic Development Policy edited by Reese, L. and D. Fasenfest, Detroit, MI: Wayne State Univ. Press.

Marcouiller, D.W. and G.P. Green.  2000.  Outdoor recreation and community development: Perspectives from the social sciences.  Chapter 2 (pp. 33-49) in National Parks and Rural Development edited by Machlis, G.E., D. Field, and W.H. Gardiner.  Washington, D.C.: Island Press.