Dave Marcouiller

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Methods of Planning Analysis


The course is designed to familiarize the student with the collection and numerical analysis of data for planning purposes. The intent of the course is to provide students an opportunity to conceptualize, define, design and implement planning-relevant research and analysis; covering both theory and application with emphasis on the latter. The planning methods covered are generally applicable to planning problems in more than one field and are considered basic tools.  This course is not intended to serve as a graduate course in research methodology; rather our focus in this class is on the application of common tools of planning analyses and the presentation of planning analysis results.

The course consists of three sections that include (1) research design and basic statistical methods through applied multiple regression, (2) demographic and descriptive regional analytics, and (3) regional bifurcation and economic analysis techniques.  Several individual problem sets will assist learning through practical applications of the material being presented.  These problems sets are intended to reinforce classroom discussion and will be self-graded.

Syllabus - Fall Semester 2014 Version 1 (tentative and subject to change)

Discussion Section 2014 Version 1 (tentative and subject to change)