Dave Marcouiller

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Classroom Teaching

Methods of Planning Analysis (UW-Madison, URPL/SW 721); in queue - Fall 2014.

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Planning (UW-Madison; URPL 945); last taught Spring 2012.

Regional Economic Problem Analysis (UW-Madison; URPL/Econ/PubAff 734); last taught Fall, 2011.

Planning Workshop (UW-Madison URPL 912); last taught Fall, 2010.

Seminar in Rural Housing (UW-Madison; URPL 944); last taught Fall 1997.

Rural Development Planning (UW-Madison; URPL 945); last taught Spring 1998.

Land Economics (University of British Columbia; FRE/Econ 374); last taught Summer 2002.

Development Economics (University of British Columbia; FRE 340); last taught Spring 2002.


Outreach Teaching

In my capacity as a State Extension Specialist, I teach adults in an array of venues throughout the State of Wisconsin. My clientele are highly varied; primarily they include county-based UW-Extension Educators, State and Local Government Officials, resource management professionals, private-sector entrepreneurs, and the general public. My primary outreach teaching and technical assistance are focused within the following three thematic areas:

Amenities and Rural Development Planning, current and ongoing programming area.

Integrative Tourism & Recreation Planning, current and ongoing programming area

Natural Resource Economics and Policy Analysis, current and ongoing programming area.

In addition, I participate in global outreach opportunities that have taken me across the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, the Philippines, and China (Both PRC and ROC - Taiwan).


Relevant to the three Outreach Teaching programs listed above, here are some specific resources that relate to a current initiative to better address the contemporary issue-set involved with the Economic Values and Local Impacts of Natural Resources:


Factsheets for the General Public:


Economic Value of Water Series: One, Two, and Three.

Recreational Homes in the Lake States Series: One, Two, and Three.

Trails-based Motorized Recreation Series: One, Two, and Three.

Applied Research Case Studies:


Forests and Regional Impacts of Use Value.

A mid-1990s report on Recreational Homes.

Two reports on Indirect Use Values of the Wisconsin State Park System from 2001 here, and an 2013 update here,

Two reports on trails ... one typical of most state trails, and one specific to a heavily used motorized use trail,

Others are listed on my Publications page under "Recent Technical Reports"