James A. LaGro, Jr.

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Selected Publications

LaGro, J., Jr., M. Ginder-Vogel, J. Harrington, W. Likos, S. Loheide, C. Remucal, and A. Brown. Green Infrastructure for
Stormwater Management: Toward a Model Campus by 2025
. Madison, WI: Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 118 pp.

Castle, M.A., Tan, N. and LaGro, J.A. 2015. Evaluating capacity building to foster climate change adaptation. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3, 81-90.

LaGro, J. 2014. Pathways to Regional Sustainability: Best Practices for Wisconsin’s Capital Region. Madison, Wisconsin: Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

LaGro, J.A., Jr. 2013. Site Analysis: Informing Context-Sensitive and Sustainable Site Planning and Design, 3rd ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons. 365 pp.

Pyke, C., Warren, M. P., Johnson, T., LaGro, J., Scharfenberg, J., Groth, P., & Main, E. 2011. Assessment of low impact development for managing stormwater with changing precipitation due to climate change. Landscape and Urban Planning, 103(2): 166-173.

Walker, W., D. Liebl, L. Gilbert, J. LaGro, Jr., P. Nowak, and J. Sullivan. 2010. Adapting to Climate Change: Why Adaptation Policy is More Difficult than We Think (and what to do about it). Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts Working Paper. 22 pp.

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LaGro, J.A. Jr. 2009. "Climate Change and Public Health," in Green Community, S. Piedmont-Palladino and T. Mennel, eds. American Planning Association and the National Building Museum.

LaGro, J.A. Jr. 2009. "Invest in Nature's Infrastructure." Planetizen: Urban Planning, Design and Development Network. View Publication

LaGro, J.A., Jr. 2008. Site Analysis: A Contextual Approach to Sustainable Land Planning and Site Design. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey.  View Table of Contents | View Chapter 1

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LaGro, J. A., Jr. 2001. Site Analysis: Linking Program and Concept in Land Planning and Design. John Wiley & Sons, New York.   

Ohm, B.W., J.A. LaGro, Jr., and C. Strawser. 2001. A Model Ordinance for a Traditional Neighborhood Development. University of Wisconsin Extension. 38 pages.  View Article

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LaGro, J. A., Jr. 1988. Comment on "The analysis dilemma," Landscape Architecture, 78, 2: 10-12.