Ken Genskow

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UW-Extension's Regional Natural Resources Program
Professor Genskow directs this natural resources outreach and education program, involving 12 Extension Educators working with partners across Wisconsin to enhance capacity for resource management. For more information:

Developing social indicators for managing nonpoint source water pollution.  
Dr. Genskow is co-leading a multi-state initiative to incorporate social data into planning an evaluation of watershed management projects.  For more information, visit the project website: To use the online tool, SIDMA (Social Indicators Data Management and Analysis), visit the SIDMA website:

Evaluating Programs for Nutrient Management Planning.
Dr. Genskow is working with University of Wisconsin educators and researchers to determine effects of educational programs on farmer nutrient management practices. 

Woodland owner education
Through the Regional Natural Resources Program, Professor Genskow is working with partners on approaches to target outreach efforts to woodland owners not traditionally involved in forest management.  For more information on woodland management programs through UW-Extension, visit:

Outreach for stormwater and agricultural nonpoint source pollution
Professor Genskow supports planning and education efforts related to urban and rural nonpoint sources of pollution.  For more information about these efforts in Wisconsin, visit:

Professor Genskow is involved in numerous additional outreach and research projects, including

-Volunteer monitoring for water quality (

-Integrated climate sensitivity analysis for the National Estuarine Research Reserves System (NERRS) (

-Understanding Manure Irrigation (

-Targeting in watershed management (