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Congratulations May 2009 Graduates!

Hallie Bennett
Joshua Clements
Stacy Cook
Josh Ghena
Jennifer Keeley
Jamie Krug
Cynthia Lin
Angeline Liu
Kevin Luecke
Andy Obernesser

Brian O'Connor
Nathan Patros
Martin Schilling
Michelle Scott
Brittany VandeBerg
Ashley Wallace
Kevin White
Michael Winer
Kevin Winer

December 2008 Graduates

Damon Clark
Erica Scmitz
William Sierzchula


Ph.D Graduates - 1991 to Present

Attention Alumni:

There is a new system for updating your contact information. Please go to the UW Alumni Association even if you aren't a member and update your address in their directory. The University is attempting to centralize the system by which the departments contact their alumni for mailings, etc. With this new system we will request an updated mailing list from the Alumni Association. The UW Alumni Association is coordinating with UW Foundation to make sure we always have up-to-date contact information on our alumni. This will benefit you because now you only have to update your information in one place for the whole of the university.