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Affiliated Faculty and Academic Staff

Anna Andrzejewski
Department of Art History & Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Program
210 Elvehjem Building
Katherine J. Curtis
Department of Sociology
350 Agricultural Hall
Alternate Office: 4424 Sewell Social Sciences
Steven C Deller
Dept of Agricultural and Applied Economics
521 Taylor Hall
Samuel F Dennis, Jr.
Dept of Landscape Architecture
42a Agricultural Hall
Brian Goldstein
Postdoctoral Fellow, History
3211 Humanities
455 N. Park St.
Gary P. Green
Dept of Rural Sociology
301 Agricultural Hall
David Hart
Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
Goodnight Hall, Room 201
1975 Willow Drive
Stephen Malpezzi
School of Business
5257 Grainger Hall
Lisa Naughton
Dept of Geography
373 Science Hall
Kristopher Olds
Dept of Geography
Science Hall
Barry Orton
Professional Development and Applied Studies
220 Lowell Hall
Carolina Sarmiento
Assistant Professor
School of Human Ecology
1300 Linden Dr.
My research examines the everyday responses of working class communities of color that include local and transnational community-based planning and the creation of new democratic processes and spaces. My current research investigates the intersection between urban development, governance, and the creation and destruction of cultural spaces in working class communities of color. Unlike previous research on creative cities, this work places working communities at the center of discussions around economic and cultural development. I also form part of a joint research team studying transnational indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico and Los Angeles that build economic projects across borders.
Randy Stoecker
Dept of Rural Sociology
340d Agricultural Hall
Stephen J. Ventura
Dept of Soil Science and IES
439 Soils
Lydia Zepeda
School of Human Ecology
4212 Nancy Nicholas Hall