Pedestrian Orientation Attribute


Sidewalks and sidewalk connectivity help create pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that are less dependent upon automobile use for short trips (Climate Change). Adding sidewalks, however, can have some negative side effects; sidewalks increase impervious cover, and installing them on older streets that currently lack them could entail removal of trees and shrubs that have grown up along the road.

To allow flexibility in addressing sidewalk deficits, we adopted a performance standard slightly below 100 percent. In addition, our goals for impervious coverage reductions account for any increase in sidewalk paving required to meet the sidewalk performance standard.

Data for residential parcels with sidewalks was obtained from the City Engineering Division, which compiled this data from site surveys. The number of parcels with sidewalks in each district was then converted into a percentage of residential parcels with sidewalks in each district.

Performance Standard

Sidewalks on a minimum of 95 percent of residential streets.