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Teleconference Materials for November 18

Agenda - 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Notes from Teleconference (posted 12/2/10)


2011-2016 SCORP Background/Planning Process:

SCORP Overview (LWCF Webinar - August 2010)

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Factsheet

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2011-2016 SCORP site

Planning Workshop (URPL 912) Homepage

Planning Elements - Status and Updates:

1. Demand for Outdoor Recreation in Wisconsin

2. Wetlands Planning Summary

3. Connecting Urban and Rural Populations to Open Space Lands for Recreation and Conservation

4a. Outdoor Recreation, Health, and Wellness: Understanding Key Relationships (URPL 912 Team 2)

4b. Outdoor Recreation, Health, and Wellness:  Enhancing the Relationship through SCORP (URPL 912 Team 3)

5. Evaluating Urban Park and Greenway Open Spaces (URPL 912 Team 4)

6. Goals and Objectives in Outdoor Recreation Planning (URPL 912 Team 1)