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URPL 912 Syllabus (Fall, 2010), URPL 912 Resources (Fall, 2010)

Evaluating Urban Park and Greenway Open Spaces

Use of local city parks, recreation services, and greenway open spaces is much more frequent than are visits to state and national parks.  Proximity to local parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor recreation resources is a critical variable for participating in regular outdoor physical activity. This provides a key opportunity to evaluate widespread health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation.  Incorporating outdoor recreation into the daily routine of urban residents will be the focus of this team’s work.  The 2005-2010 SCORP captured supply elements from 1,800 units of government across Wisconsin. This team will separate out cities within this existing dataset to evaluate urban parklands and greenway open spaces. These urban areas will be segmented into similar population size groupings to allow for better comparisons. Various metrics and methods will be evaluated and applied to compare urban parklands and greenway open spaces to identify relative status within these urban areas.

Team Members:

Joshua Donaldson, Joseph Klosterman, Rosa Kozub, Shang-Ching Kuei, and Adam Smith


Final Work Products

Report - Executive Summary

Public Presentation (December 15, 2010)

Final Report (December 17, 2010)