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URPL 912 Syllabus (Fall, 2010), URPL 912 Resources (Fall, 2010)

Outdoor Recreation, Health, and Wellness:  Enhancing the Relationship through SCORP

The organizations that manage outdoor recreation opportunities should plan, manage, lead, and evaluate for health benefits.  This team will be responsible for developing information and data on Wisconsin-specific outdoor recreation activities with respect to relevant health and wellness metrics.  Once developed, this team will work to incorporate these metrics into usable planning frameworks within which to evaluate public health and wellness outcomes of outdoor recreation facilities. Ultimately, this team will seek to identify potential gaps of recreational facilities in relationship to health indicators of a particular County as developed by Team #2. The desired outcome of this work will be to identify and target specific regions for priority health benefits from placement of appropriate outdoor recreation facilities.

Team Members:

Nichole Birringer, Megan Parsons, Angela Tackaberry, Benjamin Wendt, and Seungmo Yang


Final Work Products

Report - Executive Summary (joint submission with Team 2)

Public Presentation (December 15, 2010 - joint presentation with Team 2)

Final Report (December 17, 2010)