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URPL 912 Syllabus (Fall, 2010), URPL 912 Resources (Fall, 2010)

Goals and Objectives in Outdoor Recreation Planning

This team will focus on public participation elements pertinent to the comprehensive outdoor recreation planning process.  Specifically, information will be collected, synthesized, and written for inclusion as the outdoor recreation goals and objective setting section of the WiscSCORP.  This comprehensive planning process element will be accomplished through interaction with the array of outdoor recreation stakeholder groups and aided by discussions with the external WiscSCORP Advisory Panel and internal working groups.  Team members will work to match goals and objectives with the ongoing applied research on outdoor recreation demand (conducted by the USDA Forest Service), health and wellness indicators and regional distinctions between urban and rural populations.  As this is a central process element of the SCORP, close coordination between the WiscSCORP Advisory Panel, WDNR, and UW-Madison is critical.

Team Members:

Colleen Hoesly, Amy Klusmeier, Daniel Payette, and Reese Railling


Final Work Products

Report - Executive Summary

Public Presentation (December 15, 2010)

Final Report (December 17, 2010)