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Planning Workshop (URPL 912) - Resource Page

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Syllabus (Fall, 2010)

Teleconference Materials for November 18

Final Presentation Summary - Prey (December 15, 2010)

Workshop Wrapup - Marcouiller (December 15, 2010)


Class Materials:

Course Overview (Dave's Powerpoint from the first day of class)

SCORP - The Film (Jeff's Powerpoint from the first day of class)

SCORP Stakeholders (Jeff's Powerpoint from September 17)

Planning Approaches and Method (Dave's Powerpoint from October 1 and description in text)

Data and Analytic Methods (con't - Jeff's Powerpoint from October 8)


Reference Materials:

URPL Library Liasons

Planning Workshop Course Reference Page

Articles (some not linked due to copyright):

Dannenberg, A.L., et al. 2008. Use of Health Impact Assessment in the U.S.: 27 Case Studies, 1999-2007. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 34(3): 241-256.

Kaczynski, A.T. and K.A. Henderson. 2007. Environmental Correlates of Physical Activity: A Review of Evidence about Parks and Recreation. Leisure Sciences 29(4): 315-354.

Rosenberger, R.S., et al. 2005. A Spatial Analysis of Linkages between Health Care Expenditures, Physical Inactivity, Obesity and Recreation Supply. Journal of Leisure Research 37(2): 216-235.

Posted Article (open access) - PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. 2004. Recreation's Role in Combating Obesity: Current Efforts and Opportunities for New Partnerships and an accompanying presentation

Posted Article (open access) - Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. 2010. Parks, Playgrounds, and Active Living (a review of literature on parks and active living).

Posted Article (open access) - J.F. Burr, V.K. Jamnik, and N. Gledhill. 2010. Health-related Quality of Life of Habitual Recreational Off-Road Vehicle Riders. Health and Fitness Journal of Canada 3(1): 4-11.


Recreation Planning Resources:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2011-2016 SCORP site

National Association of Recreation Resource Planners (NARRP)

National Park Service - Land and Water Conservation Fund

Department of Interior - America's Great Outdoors Initiative


Health Planning Resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Data and Statistics

Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Wisconsin State Health Plan

Medical College of Wisconsin - Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program: Health Data and Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Curcuit, Opinion - Meister v USDA FS (Jeff's example)

County urban-rural breakdown - Wisconsin (Jeff's)

WisSCORP 2011-2016 External Advisory Committee

Reference Sheet (Standardized Tables, Figures, and References)