The Brownfields Team focused on making (existing brownfields data??) more accessible, easier to manipulate , and transferable to map and graphic form.  The Brownfield team has developed an updated, integrated, and user-friendly database and GIS mapping tools for the City of Freeport’s brownfields program.   In the course of the project, the Brownfields Team:

  • Created a standardized GIS database of Brownfield properties in the Rawleigh Corridor, Galena Ave Corridor, and the East Side Neighborhood.
  • Carried out a pilot analysis with emphasis on the Rawleigh Corridor brownfield assessment area that demonstrates the capacity of GIS to streamline relevant indicators in municipal brownfield activities; and
  • Presented long-term strategies to expand the use of GIS in Freeport’s brownfield program through a transition to a web-based open source platform, as well as long term maintenance requirements for the established database.