The Green Infrastructure Team focused specifically on green stormwater infrastructure, which addresses site scale stormwater planning, design and management.  The long-term outcomes to be realized as a result of continued comprehensive downtown redevelopment planning include flood mitigation, urban revitalization, economic development, community connectedness, and healthy environments.  The Green Infrastructure team developed applicable planning tools to serve the City of Freeport as resources to further existing and future green stormwater infrastructure planning.   These tools included:

  • Stormwater Modeling: Demonstrate the ability of green stormwater infrastructure to cost- effectively reduce the amount of impervious surface and subsequently reduce the amount of stormwater runoff entering the Pecatonica River in comparison to conventional stormwater management practices.
  • Community Education: Develop an easy to read and accessible green stormwater infrastructure guidebook for policy makers, developers, residents and community stakeholders which promotes green infrastructure as an innovative stormwater management technique with associated social, environmental and economic benefits.